the time-traveling loveseat is a project I started when I realized my loveseat travels time. not into the past, only into the near future where early afternoons become late nights in the blink of an eye. this blog was started to use that time travel in a more productive way, with an emphasis on learning and practicing new, everyday design.

Monday, April 11, 2011

As We Enter Mid-April

I'm finding that with just a month til graduation, a little prioritizing is in order. I know in my last post I attempted to rise out of my hiatus, but my to-do list is putting me back in that spot. Once May 14 arrives, I will be proud to get back to my extra-curricular designs.

I did, however create something new for today's post. This is quite extracurricular, but it will be my last for a small amount of time. Just some vector graphics to get in the spirit of summertime and wearing floppy hats, of course.

Monday, April 4, 2011

hmpf. what month is it again?

Oh yeah, April. Where did you come from, April? My blog has seemed to time travel without a post, faster than my TTL does on a regular afternoon. Perhaps it's the fact that I haven't spent a lot of time on this couch, or perhaps because school has encompassed my life, either way my hiatus must come to an end.

While school is quite a doozy in my last semester, I am thrilled about the things I'm learning. In one class - Revit. In another - Rhino. And in the third - 3DS Max. Not much time for extracurricular design, especially with all my extracurricular activities. The Freedom By Design Art Auction is this weekend, and we are so thrilled to have a great abundance of local art. I will be documenting the auction well for those unable to make it. AIAS is also a bit crazy with elections being held this week. I am so thrilled for all these things, but a bit un-thrilled about my lack of posting!

Today is strange. It was beautiful and sunny, but quite windy here in the cities. I'm not sure if it was the fabulous job my iPod did on shuffle today, or the brisk wind pushing me on my walk home, but something special ran through me this afternoon. I arrived home and have been working on homework since. Homework due tomorrow, Wednesday, and even Thursday. I'm impressed.

So since I've been so productive, I shall show you a rendering I did for a Lee class. Nothing extraordinary, but a post nonetheless! I promise I'll get better, TTL, I will.

Model Rendered with Lights in Kerkythea. Perhaps a good gallery space?
 Original Model in Sketchup using the Equation Array plugin.

Now what? Watching the Final Championship game I guess?! Tootles!