the time-traveling loveseat is a project I started when I realized my loveseat travels time. not into the past, only into the near future where early afternoons become late nights in the blink of an eye. this blog was started to use that time travel in a more productive way, with an emphasis on learning and practicing new, everyday design.

Friday, June 17, 2011

How I Love to Draw.

Sometimes my passions get away from me. I forget how much I love things like drawing and writing. Last Monday I picked up a pencil and paper and started drawing. Not quick rough sketching, but really drawing. And I adored it. Here is what I came up with. I will likely add color, as I have been drawing on watercolor paper. 

The first two really came from nowhere. The last one is a neat pattern/logo I saw on my sandals. At first, I disliked the asymmetrical form of it, but then I came to love it. In the middle would be the shoe company name, but instead I put one of my favorite songs/sayings to live by.

Sorry the quality isn't fabulous, I hope to photograph them better next time. Until next time, I intend on drawing much, much more.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nighttime Digital Work

I know I said earlier that I was going to be spending most of my summer doing hand-drawn, -sewn, -painted, -shot things. But I did manage to sprinkle this little gem in today as well. In July, I will be headed to South Dakota for 2 weeks to participate in RAW Dakota 2011. RAW, standing for Real Architecture Workshop, is a program based in Minneapolis that finds clients and projects that are quick and very hands on for its participants. They allow anyone to apply, and architecture students are generally the ones interested. They travel to the destination, and for 2 weeks do a complete design-build with the client, the outcome being a lookout tower in a very picturesque landscape. I'm thrilled to be given this opportunity, and I look forward to the real experience it's going to give me. For this design, I followed a tutorial on a little badge for the workshop this summer. It's fun to do some digital work again :)

Completing My Last Post

I'm pleased to say that this whole "post more" is turning out nicely so far. It feels awfully good to finish a project, even if it's not perfectly finished. I sometimes (or always) find it difficult to decide when I'm done with something, probably because of that perfectionist gene in me. So from now on, anything I "finish" whether perfect or not, is good practice. Case in point today. I had a blast drawing last week, and I had a blast painting today. Maybe I'll sneak into next semester's watercolor class to get a better handle on watercolor painting, but for now, I'm enjoying trying things out. So here it is. :)

So like I said, this is good practice for me. I'm excited to keep doing more stuff like this during the summer. Adios!

Friday, June 3, 2011

And We're Back!

Someone recently told me that the key to having a blog is being sure to post regularly. Well let's be honest, school does a great job of getting in the way. But being the overly ambitious person I am, and the fact that I hate giving things up, I am back to finish what I started. On a new smartphone no less. Now bare with me, this is all brand new and weird, writing blogs on my bus ride home from work. But I am determined.

So quick catch-up, I've recently graduated and am digging my heels in to avoid the real world. But I am thankful for all the things I learned this past semester and am excited about all the projects I plan to learn from, including my digital design work. But for the summer, I plan on trading in my TTL for a shady patch of grass or views of downtown while sitting my bum on the beach.

Thus, my new summer mission is this: draw, paint, sew, and snap photos. I work M-W at the U, then have Thursday and Friday days off. Thursday will be my sew/photo adventure days, depending on the weather. And Friday will be my draw and painting days. So here is my first Friday drawing!! It is largely unfinished and I plan on adding some watercolor but I'm excited about my new summer project. There may be some digital stuff sprinkled in, but for now this is the most realistic way I can stick with this blog to the end!

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