the time-traveling loveseat is a project I started when I realized my loveseat travels time. not into the past, only into the near future where early afternoons become late nights in the blink of an eye. this blog was started to use that time travel in a more productive way, with an emphasis on learning and practicing new, everyday design.

Monday, February 21, 2011

snowstorm = summer dreamin'

welp, yet another snowstorm here in Minnesota. I'm thinkin' we've gotten around 13" and counting.. so here I am on the TTL, just tutorial-ing away! I will probably post at least one more today if I'm lucky! Here is a quick tutorial I learned on doing light leaks in photoshop, in hopes that summer will come sooner. These are just beginning ones, fooling around with it. But hey, I learned something new right? Success. Woot for snowdays!

Corey & I at a wedding - Summer 2009
Corey & I at my cabin - Summer 2010
Definitely summer dreamin' ... looking forward to more weddings and cabin weekends this summer. :)

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