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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beginning Knitting

Several Christmases ago I asked for knitting stuff. Probably because I love learning and making new things and knitting sounded like fun. Well, I never learned. Never taught myself. Got lazy. Pick an excuse. Either way, I have all these yarns sitting around and haven't done anything with them! Then I found out about this killer place called Sewtropolis, that offers classes on sewing, knitting, crafting, and crocheting. This is my kinda place. I signed up for a Beginning Knitting class (sacrificing a Friday night), and BAM. Learned to knit.

Our project covered the very basics, but now I have the motivation to continue with it. We worked with an awesome super bulky yarn, and made a Cowl/Neckwarmer.

My yarn ran out before the cowl got long enough, but no worries, I've already hit up Joann's for more yarn. I found some awesome purpley-gray yarn from Martha Stewart's collection, and I am so so excited to make a scarf and hat for this winter season. I hope this class will push me to learn new techniques so I can start getting more "wild" with knitting. Woo!

Hopefully I can start pumping these out fast enough to get some Christmas presents under my belt! We will see..

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