the time-traveling loveseat is a project I started when I realized my loveseat travels time. not into the past, only into the near future where early afternoons become late nights in the blink of an eye. this blog was started to use that time travel in a more productive way, with an emphasis on learning and practicing new, everyday design.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watercolor for Henry

This last Thursday I also got some watercolor in. I recently bought a watercolor techniques book in hopes that it will encourage me to paint more often and more professionally, so to speak. I really just love the way it looks and love feeling accomplished.

Today I broke out my watercolors for my nephew Henry. He was born just over a month ago on September 12, 2011 and it is my first time being an auntie! I am so very proud, he's a great addition to our family.

My sister has unfortunately moved back up to Morris, which is quite a hike from the cities, but I wanted to paint something cute for his bedroom. I was perusing through all sorts of animal pictures, and have been stuck on giraffes. I found a really cute photo of a mom and baby giraffe nuzzling, and started that one. I then did a more cartoon-y watercolor that is whimsical and cute. I'm not sure which one I'll give her, maybe both. I have to finish the realistic one first. Either way, I very much enjoyed painting! I need to push myself to do this more often. It's such a fun and relaxing thing to do.

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